The project

The project proposed to the initiatory community of the G∴L∴D∴I∴ aims at uniting the institution under its most representative expressions, so to ensure every Region, Orient and single affiliate of the community both the stability and the harmony which are fundamental for an edifying initiatory work.
Hence why stability and harmony, whose importance overcomes that of the variety of thoughts, were considered at the very base of a project which is constantly being designed and put in practice through the strong and affectionate union of the Sovreign Grand Commander Grand Master currently in charge and Brother Luciano Romoli, who generously refused any fraternal request of leadership in the service of a work proposal.
Needless to say, such a union features the deepest mutual respect and trust of both, and if today it appears to be the result of an electoral coalition, its roots are solidly grounded in previous experiences, as in the still ongoing magistral mandate, during which, from the very first day on, Brother Luciano Romoli has been investing his strongest energies in the service of the community. Based on the above, hope is to give the Obedience a further change of pace, which cannot but be improving, yet remaining as always in the very best interest of our common ideals.

Fundamental principles

The frame of reference for the future action of the Obedience must always be Tradition, which is not a mere nostalgia of the past, yet neither repetitive conformism, but instead a confirmation of ancient values through an authentic life proposal which needs to be historically updated when necessary. Far from being forgotten with the memory of its ancient uses, Tradition shall then be studied and revived so to be given a new context, thanks to the contributions coming from the present time. From this perspective, also the growth of the Order can be seen as a proposal of values spreading thanks to its force of attraction, the life of its members being its best testimonials.
Freemasons are formed within the lodges, therefore it is vital to strengthen their core educational value, as they are the main place where continuous questioning and systematic doubt can be practised. Consequently, all Initiates shall be incentivized, stimulated and supported in their love for study and research. Acquiring a certain education is in fact paramount to be able to understand the variety of possible ideas and self-manifestation. A good local library, which every Orient should be equipped with, in coordination with the national library, shall provide the source knowledge for this scope. Furthermore, as an additional source of knowledge, the availability of the Aletheia notebooks shall be increased. Yet, it is always important to consider that every accessible element of study should have a solid basic cultural background to lie upon, as everything is to be considered useful to the personal growth, and therefore, all human knowledge should be regarded as worthy of attention and study. If culture is central to shape any human being, the historical and esoteric-ritual study is indispensable for the initiatory upbringing of a mason.
Last but not least, it is due to reserve proper attention to solidarity, both internal and external to the Obedience. Because of the hard times we live in, in fact, many brothers and sisters are currently facing moments of difficulty. As for the profane world, it is worth to remember that solidarity is the very scope of the Obedience itself, making it an association existing in the true service of all humanity.

Outer Projection

Our Communion shall keep on being a true cultural promoter. Far from the evanescent contemporary culture being the object of such promotion, our action shall focus on that which awakens and stimulates self-awareness and proposes universal human values, the cornerstones of a civil and harmonious co-existence. The promotional channels of interest cannot be but those of our time. It shall then be necessary to keep on focusing on organizing meetings and round tables about contemporary topics, with particular attention to the scientific ones, which have been neglected so far, their inarguable importance notwithstanding, due to the central role that science has acquired in the world of today. Religious topics shall also be treated with particular care and attention, in order to analyse, in particular, realities and dynamics that feature our present with ever more often dramatic outcomes, reviving times which were thought to be overcome by history.
The outer projection of the Obedience can also be accomplished by other means such as the sponsoring of plays, photographic shows, artistic competitions, conferences, musical venues, book presentations etc. and ultimately through any means which prove to be effective in order to promote the values of the Obedience.
In the past, freemasonry acquired strength and prestige when it was able to face avant-garde topics. Therefore, in addition to pressing themes – e.g. such as those often discussed by the Italian Commission for Bioethics – the Obedience shall also dedicate its attention to topics of current social and civil interest, thus contributing to trace down a path to a shared perspective in the country, a path based on progress and morality.
Being aware that a single word, no matter how small, can bear disruptive effects, the Obedience shall commit to helping its members become equally aware of the importance of communication, which, for an Initiate, cannot be distinguished from its content. Such awareness should lead to an earnest and humble attitude which, ultimately, is usually a good companion for the love of truth, in an endless fight against falsehood and prejudice. Generally speaking, the communication of the Obedience with the outside world shall always feature an ethical and laical orientation, always respectful of the neighbour and of other people's opinions.

Final considerations

We are deeply convinced that our project is entirely feasible thanks to the authentic spirit of service of every single member of the community, a service which inevitably entails some sacrifice. We wish to become actively supportive of those in need, and speak for those who have lost their voice. We intend to be of service to all mankind, in full togetherness with it. In fact, Freemasonry is not merely about the achievement of an intellectual principle, yet about the real exercise of that principle in everyday's life, as difficult as it may be, so to actively contrast the banality of evil as well as the frailty of good.
Being freemasons means practicing the true principles of freemasonry, remembering ourselves that hoping for a better world means being ready to work for it. It is therefore imperative to commit ourselves constantly to the realization of that anticipation of the Eternal we call ordo amoris in the present existence, and this not just as an exercise in rhetoric, but always bearing in mind that, ultimately, it's up to every human being to set the ways and times of every change in that path we call Life.

Roma, 21-07-2016

«The line marking the threshold between the sacred and the pro-fane, shall be traced over and over again. It is this very trace that keeps what Plato defined as “the memory of justice” alive»