The Gran Loggia d’Italia has always felt the importance of international bondings, even before assuming its current institutional form. In fact, right after the scission from the Grande Oriente D'Italia, the acknowledgement the then Institution of the Ancient and Accepted Freemasons received from the Supreme Council of Belgium in 1908, was a support of utmost importance. In that occasion, the Supreme Council , led by Saverio Fera, was officially recognized as the legitimate heir to the original Supreme Council of Italy, founded in Milan in 1805. Such recognition was then extended to the entire Obedience first at the International Congress of the Supreme Councils in Washington in 1912, and then at the Congress of Lausanne in 1922.
It was the leadership of Giovanni Ghinazzi (1962-1986) that set the final record to the creation of the Obedience international ties. In fact, in 1962, when the Obedience took its national seat at Palazzo Vitelleschi, the Gran Loggia d’Italia entered the C.L.I.P.S.A.S. and became one of the most active Obediences in the CATENA, the international organization which acknowledges women the right to affiliate to freemasonry. Giovanni Ghinazzi was an unwearying advocate of freemasonry as a united and inseparable family, free of any geographical limitations. During his long mandate, several international ties were intertwined, which have led the way for the creation of strong bonds with the main masonic institutions of the world, which today account for more than 130 treaties of friendship with liberal and adogmatic masonic obediences of 50 different countries.


In 1998 the Gran Loggia d’Italia was among the masonic Authorities which founded the S.I.M.P.A., acronym of the Secrétariat International des Puissances Maçonniques – i.e. International Secretariat of the Adogmatic Masonic Autorities International Secretariat of the Masonic Adogmatic Powers-, based on unconditioned freedom of consciousness and pursuing a relentless fight against any dogmatic limitation, sectarianism manifestations and ideology denying human dignity, featuring an absolute faith in the principle of equality and aware that democracy and secularity are the necessary pillars of a political society.


The Gran Loggia d’Italia was among the founding Authorities of the C.L.I.P.S.A.S., acronym of the Centre de Liaison et d’Information des Puissances Maçonniques Signataires de l’Appel de Strasbourg – i.e. Centre of Liaison and Information of Masonic Powers Signatories of Strasbourg Appeal -, an international masonic organization born on the initiative of the Grand Orient of Belgium on January 22nd 1961, when, together with the major European Obediences, including the Grand Loggia D'Italia, it launched an appeal to all freemasons to adhere to a CHAIN based on a total freedom of conscience. The C.L.I.P.S.A.S. has been officially acknowledged as NGO and participates in the United Nations Economic and Social Council – a.k.a.ECO.SO.C. - where it can nominate its representatives within this assembly at the UN seats of New York, Wien and Geneva. As of today, this important masonic association accounts for 64 Obediences, which represent all the liberal continents.


Naturally allegiant to its esoteric tradition and contents, in 2001, the Gran Loggia d’Italia created a Chain of Union bonding the Obediences of the countries in the Mediterranean area, with the aim to study and rediscover the sources of the initiatory tradition of the Mediterranean sphere, since the dawn of time a true crossroads of cultures and peoples. This is how the Unione Massonica del Mediterraneo - acronymed U.M.M., i.e. Masonic Union of the Mediterranean - was born. As founding member, through this institution, the Gran Loggia d’Italia has always desired to promote fruitful exchanges among countries with different cultural backgrounds, with the purpose to contrast misjudgment and ignorance, which are, inter alia, frequently source of the dangerous religious fundamentalism, ever more present in the world of today.

Trattati di Amicizia


Gran Loggia Albanese Iliria


Gran Logia de la Argentina
Gran Logia Femenina de Argentina
Gran Oriente Federal de la Republica Argentina


Grand Orient d’Autriche
Gran Loggia di Austria
Gran Loggia Liberale di Austria
Gross Loge Humanitas Austria


Lithos Confédération de Loges
Grande Loge de Belgique
Grand Orient de Belgique
Fédération Belge du Droit Humain
Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique


Grand Bénin De La République Du Bénin


Grande Loja Unida Do Parana
Grande Oriente “Gloria Do Occidente”
Grande Loja Maconica Mista Do Brasil
Grande Loge Unie De Pernambuco
Grande Loja Arquitetos De Acquario
Grande Loja Femenina Do Brasil
Grande Loja Maconico Do Estado Do Ceara
Grand Orient Maconnique Du Bresil
Gran Loggia Unita Santa Caterina
Grande Oriente Massonico


Grande Loge Universelle Bulgarie


Grande Loge Unie Du Cameroun


Grande Loge Nationale Du Canada
Gran Loggia Ani Du Canada


Gran Oriente Masonico De Chile
Gran Logia Mixta De Chile
Gran Logia Femenina De Chile
Gran Oriente Latinoamericano
Gran Oriente De Chile


Gran Logia Del Norte De Colombia
Federacion Colombiana De Logias
Muy Respetable Gran Logia Del Caribe Colombiano
Gran Logia Central De Colombia


Grands Orient Et Loge Associés Du Congo
Grand Orient Du Congo Brazaville

Costa d'Avorio

Federation Ouest Africaine Du Droit Humain


Gran Loggia Nazionale Di Croazia


Storlogen Af Danmark

El Salvador

Gran Oriente De El Salvador


Gran Oriente Ecuatoriano Nueva Era (Groene)


Grande Loge Française De Memphis Misraïm
Grande Loge De France
Grand Orient De France
Grande Loge Mixte De France
Grande Loge Feminine De
«Le Droit Humain» Fédération Française
Grande Loge Mixte Universelle
Grande Loge Mixte De Memphis-Misraim
Grande Loge Indépendante Et Souveraine Des Rites Unis
Rite Ancien Et Primitif De Memphis-Misraim
Grand Ordre Egyptien Du Grand Orient De France
Gran Loggia Femminile Di Memphis-Misraïm
Ordre Maçonnique Mixte International Du Droit Humain
Gran Loggia Mista Sovrana Di Francia
Grande Loge Symbolique Travaillant Au Rite Ecossais Primitif
Grande Loge Des Cultures Et De La Spiritualite
Ordre Initiatique Et Traditionnel De L’art Royal
Gran Loggia Mista Nazionale Di Francia
Gran Loggia Mista Nazionale


Grande Loge Symbolique Du Gabon


Humanitas – Freimaurergroßloge Für Frauen


Sérénissime Grand Orient De Grèce
Ordre Maçonnique International « Delphi »
Gran Loggia Mista Di Grecia
Grand Orient Mixte De Grèce
Gran Loggia Femminile Di Grecia


Grande Loge D’haïti 1961
Grande Loge Haitienne De St Jean Des Orients D’outre-Mer


Grand Orient Of Ireland


Gran Loggia Massonica Femminile D’italia


Grande Loge Centrale Du Liban
Grande Loge Unie Du Liban
Grande Loge Bet-El
Grande Loge Des Cèdres
Grande Loge Mixte Du Liban
Grand Orient De Canaan
Grande Loge Unie Du Liban


Grand Orient De Luxembourg


Grand Rite Malagasy Féminin
Gran Rito Di Madagascar


Grand Lodge Of Malta


Grande Loge Du Maroc
Grande Loge Féminine Du Maroc
Grande Loge Feminine Du Maroc
Gran Loggia Femminile Del Marocco


Grande Oriente Del Messico


Gran Loggia Regolare Del Montenegro

Paesi Bassi

Grande Loge Mixte Des Pays Bas


Gran Logia Constitucional De Los A.L. Y A. Masones De La Republica Del Perù
Gran Logia Oriental Del Perù


Grande Oriente Di Polonia


Grande Oriente Lusitano
Grande Loja Feminina De Portugal
Gran Loggia Simbolica Del Portogallo
Gran Loggia Simbolica Lusitana
Grande Loge Symolique De Lusitanie


Gran Loggia Mista Di Portorico

Repubblica Dominicana

Rito Antico e Primitivo di Memphis de la Republica Domenicana


Grande Oriente Di Romania
Grande Loge Nationale Unie De Roumanie 1881
Grand Ordre Feminin Roumain
Grande Loge Nationale De La Roumanie


Grand Orient Of The People Of Russia


Grande Loge Traditionnelle Et Symbolique D’afrique


Grande Oriente Di Slovenia


Grande Oriente Di Tailandia


Gran Loggia Femminile Di Svizzera
Grand Orient De Suisse
Grande Loge Symbolique Helvétique
Gran Loggia Mista Di Svizzera


Grande Loge Symbolique Espagnole
Grande Loge Féminine D’espagne
Grande Oriente De Catalunya
Grande Oriente Iberico
Federazione Spagnola Ordine Massonico Misto Internazionale Il Diritto Umano


Grande Loge Libérale De Turquie
Grande Loge Maçonnique Féminine De Turquie


Magyarorszagi Nagyoriens


Gran Oriente De La Franc-Masoneria Del Uruguay


George Washington Union
Omega Grand Lodge
Grande Loge Hiram Abif
Serenissima Gran Logia De La Lengua Espanola
Para Los Estados Unidos De Norte America
The South Carolina Grand Lodge Of Ancient Free And Accepted Masons
Gran Loggia Della Carolina Del Sud
The Most Worshipful New York
Grand Lodge Of Ancient Free And Accepted Masons


Gran Logia Soberana De Libres Y Aceptados Masones De Venezuela
Gran Logia Universal De Habla Hispana En Los Estados Unidos De America