Regular Masonic Obediences

As proved by the recent talks started with various liberal masonic associations, the Gran Loggia d’Italia of the A∴L∴A∴M∴ aims at pursuing this path alongside the other Regular Masonic Obediences in the country, yet preserving every Obedience peculiarities. Such a commitment is now more than ever directed towards showing a common pledge to manifest the high masonic values promoted within the Obediences and to stand together against the recurrent and sadly ever more aggressive antimasonic instances.

Specious Masonic Obediences

Italy features a proliferation of masonic groups, an uncontrolled and incontrollable phenomenon which descends from the absence of a norm to regulate the right to form an association, in spite of it being granted by article 18 of the Constitution of Italy. Nevertheless, an attempt to regulate both political parties and unions, which have been representing the true obstacle to such legislation, is currently in the works. Yet, as an actual legislative intervention is not to be expected in the nearest future, it is necessary to acknowledge the normative lacuna e act accordingly. This means essentially to preserve a closed attitude, in terms of both acknowledgement and interaction, towards all the numerous groups self-acknowledging as masonic, which cannot offer any guarantee of reliability and stability. It it therefore advisable to keep a high level of attention with regards to such groups, and to reaffirm the substantial difference existing between them and our Obedience.

Religious institutions

Freemasonry is not a religion as it is not subject to any dogma. It also does not pursue any soul salvation, but seeks progressive knowledge, which ultimately targets the ability to safely distinguish between good and evil. As detective of the sacred, freemasonry cannot be anti-religious by definition. Hence why it's always been open to interact with any religious community, always inspired by the principle of mutual respect. The actual possibility of a religious peace has recently become a concrete idea, in the sense that it is up to the religious guides of every community to promote peace by preaching it to their followers. Such a new and suggestive scenario can see a significant contribution from the laical voice of freemasonry, in order to strengthen this trend, while consolidating the relations with the close Catholic Church, which has recently manifested an opening attitude towards the masonic world. As always, the Gran Loggia d’Italia is open to a collaboration among people of goodwill in the service of humanity, being deeply convinced that the peace of the heart can make everything possible and that all the evil of today's society lies only upon indifference, division and separation, which obstacle every authentic attempt at building something positive.

In the vacant places
We will build with new bricks
There are hands and machines
And clay for new brick
And lime for new mortar
Where the bricks are fallen
We will build with new stone
Where the beams are rotten
We will build with new timbers
Where the word is unspoken
We will build with new speech
There is work together
A Church for all
And a job for each
Every man to his work.

Thomas Stearns Eliot