Freemasonry is one of the oldest and widest brotherhoods, operating in today's society as an association where the majority of all the main European and Mediterranean esoteric traditions meet, connect and merge. In order to preserve such unique universal features, Freemasonry uses a masonic-architectural symbolism which is intended to promote the initiates' self-awareness through a progression of ritual ceremonies and a place for discussion where the universal moral principles can be sought, so to actively operate for the building of a better world.

Although Freemasonry was born as an exclusively male association, the Gran Loggia D'Italia – i.e. Grand Lodge Of Italy - has always praised itself to be an adogmatic and liberal institution, open to any human being, with no distinction of ethnicity, gender, political or religious belief. As of today, 70% of male and 30% of female affiliates account for the Obedience, and overall 20% of under 35.


Freemasons shall be righteous, kind, decent and honest human beings ... people whose aim is in the service of others and who seek the social good in general, because they can show humanity, namely they can always see themselves akin to their neighbour, and are therefore naturally inclined to the understanding of others, beyond their personal interest.

Freemasons shall also be frank and welcoming, namely able to express themselves openly, free of all disguises, skepticism or conditioning, human beings unable to accept tyranny, aiming at the logic of the right, always preferring a peaceful discussion to mindless violence, and promoting social progress through the endorsement of work, education and mutual tolerance.

Freemasons shall also be good to all creatures, good family leaders and a prime example to their children. They shall always prove to be upstanding citizens, by participating in the life of their country and actively contributing to the creation of new laws while showing their utmost respect for the existing ones. Freemasons shall under all circumstances be uncompromising in the exercise of their rights as well as in the fulfilment of their duties. Last but not least, freemasons shall aim at practising their morality, which they consider as a science based on human reason in the form of a natural, universal and eternal law, which governs all free and intelligent beings.