Freemasonry is called to the service of society, by actively taking care of the weak and less fortunate, helping those in need with tangible support, sometimes in the shape of charity works devolved to national and local institutions, and sometimes creating solidarity projects and non-profit organizations of social interest.

Dimore di San Giovanni ONLUS

The non-profit organization Dimore di San Giovanni was born based on the African proverb stating “it takes a village to raise a child”. The scope of the association is to help families of limited means in need of a long-term accommodation while assisting the little patients of the oncology, cardio-surgery and transplant wards of selected hospitals, who face long and complex therapies.
The families in need of support which are pointed out to the association by the hospitals in the area of Turin can be accommodated freely in fully equipped little apartments. We wish to extend such an opportunity to as many areas as possible, throughout the whole national territory. As of today, the association, created and supported by the Gran Loggia d’Italia of the A∴L∴A∴M∴ has hosted more than 50 families coming from all over Italy, but also from Syria, Ukraine, Romania, Morocco, Ecuador and Sudan.
We are fully committed to granting this opportunity to as many families as possible. We are at work to make it but we can definitely use everyone's help because, as the Sovereign Grand Commander Grand Master Antonio Binni uses to say, we're all brothers under the same sky.

«I'm the more and more drawn to answer the sadness and anguish of the men of today, especially of the poorest and the ones in pain.
Following the masonic tradition and its illuminating rather than shining nature, I wish to strengthen my personal commitment in the battle against the new forms of material, cultural and spiritual poverty.»